Civil Protection: Twenty injured in traffic accident in Chettia in province of State

Twenty people sustained injuries of varying severity in a traffic accident that occurred today, Monday, on National Road No. 19 A in Chettia, in the province of Chlef, according to a statement by the provincial civil protection directorate.

The Directorate’s Media and Communication Cell indicated that this accident occurred at about eight fifty-five minutes at the level of National Road No. 19 A, specifically in the “Al-Bayada” area in the municipality of Chettia It was a collision between a bus transporting passenger and a tourist car.

The accident caused varying severity injuries of 20 people of different ages, and Civil Protection units deployed six ambulances to transport the injured to Chettia public hospital, according to the same source.

The governor of the province of Chlef, Lakhdar Sadas, travelled to Chettia Hospital to check on the condition of the injured, according to the province’s media and communication cell.

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