Commerce: a decision specifying services that Algerian Center for Quality Control and Packages can provide against a fee

A decision specifying the list of works and services that the Algerian Center for Quality Control and Packages can perform against a fee was published in the latest issue of the Official Gazette.

According to this decision, the center can carry out analyzes, tests and experiments in the framework of evaluating the conformity of products offered on the market as well as products destined for export and providing technical support to enterprises with regard to applied and experimental research work related to improving the quality of products.

It may also carry out technical studies, assist, guide and support economic operators with the aim of opening and running laboratories for analysis and experiments, as well as ensuring technical assistance to operators with regard to setting quality marks, certification and accreditation.

In addition to this, the Algerian Center for Quality Control and Packages can take  samples for analysis, tests and experiments for the benefit of economic operators, as well as organize training courses, improve the level and renew knowledge in the areas of control and product analysis.

These works and services are carried out on the basis of contracts, orders, deals or agreements in accordance with the legislation and regulation in force, according to the same decision.

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