Communiqué of the Council of Ministers

President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, chaired today Sunday, a meeting of the Council of Ministers on, said the Presidency of the Republic in a communiqué.

“The President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, presided over a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday, December 5, 2021, devoted to the examining and approving of draft laws and decrees and presentations relating to the scientific research, start-up and telecommunications sectors, as well as to the follow-up of the preparations of Oran Mediterranean Games 2022.

After the opening of the session by the President of the Republic and the presentation of a statement on government action by the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, the Council approved the draft law establishing the organisation, composition, functioning and missions of the Algerian Academy of Sciences and Technologies, as well as presidential decrees on the ratification of international conventions.

The President of the Republic has given the following instructions:

Firstly: The Algerian Academy of Sciences and Technologies:

  – To gather the conditions for the success of this institution through the completion of its installation according to its new organisation, composition, functioning and missions.

– Move towards the setting up of twinning agreements and international partnerships with international academies with criteria similar to those of the Algerian Academy, whose role should be promoted through the media.

– Work to reflect the positive impact of the Academy on the education system and scientific research.

-Insisting on the implementation of rules of procedure commensurate with the Academy’s position as the highest scientific body in the country.

Second: Preparations for the 2022 Mediterranean Games in Oran:

-Tasking the Minister of Youth and Sports with monitoring and reporting on the ground on a weekly basis to inquire about the work’ progress, in coordination with the Governor of Oran, and submitting precise and transparent reports to the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, by presenting a monthly report to the Council of Ministers.

-Immediately establish a body responsible for monitoring the preparations with the participation of highly qualified personalities experienced in the management of international sports events.

– Allocate responsibilities and ensure constant coordination with local authorities and all stakeholders.

– Launching an international consultation for the selection of operators for sports equipment.

– To ensure that Algerian athletes are provided with all the means to prepare them and improve their level in order to take the first positions of medals to honour the national emblem.

Third: Internet connection state:

The President commented on the improvement in internet speed achieved since 2020.

– Create new international submarine cables for internet connection with European countries.

– Replace copper cables with fiber optics as soon as possible.

– Need to improve and strengthen the internet speed, especially at the level of financial institutions to encourage electronic payment in various fields.

Fourth: prospects for the development of the knowledge economy and start-ups :        

After having welcoming the advance made by startups as a challenge to diversify the national economy and open the way for young creators to create successful businesses and jobs, the President of the Republic instructed the Ministers of Industry and Trade as well as the Ministers in charge of startups and micro-enterprises to prepare the organization, for early 2022, of an international exhibition dedicated to the presentation of the experiences of micro-enterprises and the exchange of experiences with other countries.

The President of the Republic also stated:

-The State should take charge of protecting the patents of young Algerians.

-Granting more incentives to young people for the creation of start-ups and highlighting their successful experiences through the media.

In addition, the President of the Republic ordered the immediate revision of the specifications setting the conditions for the import of vehicles and the acceleration of the announcement of approved car dealers, insisting on the imperative to provide, at the regional level and in the big cities, a network of after-sales services as a condition for accepting their files. He also recalled that the law did not prohibit the individual import of vehicles.

Before closing the session, the Council of Ministers approved individual decisions on appointments to senior state positions.

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