Constantine: Three people arrested for using a barber shop to prepare and sell cocaine

Elements of the Third Urban Security of Constantine Province arrested three people, aged between 30 and 36, who were using a barber shop to prepare and sell hard drugs (cocaine), according to the Communication and Public Relations Cell of the same regular corps.

The merits of the case date back to the end of last December, when information was received about the exploitation of three (3) people in a barber shop in one of Constantine’s neighborhoods in preparing and selling hard drugs (cocaine), so that investigations were intensified and the information confirmed with the shop’s inspection, according to the communication cell.

The inspection process resulted in the seizure of an accurate electronic scale, which, as a result of chemical experience, later revealed that it contained cocaine residues, and a quantity of white powder was seized which the investigation showed that the concerned parties mixed it with raw cocaine.

With the permission of the local prosecution, the police searched the homes of the suspects, where they found another quantity of cocaine and sums of money likely to be from illegal proceeds, in addition to prohibited knives.

After completing all the legal procedures, the security personnel prepared a file of criminal procedures against those arrested for the crime of “illegal possession and preparation of hard drugs – cocaine – with the intention of selling, facilitating for others the illegal use of hard drugs, possession of Class VI knives without legitimate justification.” Accordingly, they were presented to the local prosecution, according to the Urban Security Communication Cell.

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