Constitutional Council organizes a media day on appeals, next Tuesday

Constitutional Council will organize, next Tuesday, a media day devoted to providing explanations about the submission of appeals to the provisional results of the legislative elections and how to consider them, according to what the same body said in a communiqué on Sunday.

In view of its role in announcing the final results of the legislative elections of June 12 and considering the appeals that may occur as a result, the Constitutional Council organizes a media day to provide explanations about the various stages the process is going through, and a visit to the spaces prepared for this purpose.

It is worth noting that candidates and political parties participating in the election of the members of the National People’s Assembly to submit appeals against the provisional results of the election, is determined by a number of conditions.

Based on the constitution, especially Articles 191 and 224 of it, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 209 of the Organic Law related to the electoral system and the system defining the rules of work of the Constitutional Council, these people have the right to appeal the provisional results of the election, according to formal and objective conditions.

The formal conditions stipulate that “the appellant must be a candidate, a list of candidates, or a political party participating in the elections in the relevant constituency.”

In the case of assigning a representative to the appellants to file the appeal, “it is required under penalty of a declaration to reject the appeal in form that the appellant of the appeal holds an authorization that qualifies him for this purpose.”

The appeal must also be submitted in the form of a petition written in Arabic, filed by the appellant or his legally qualified representative, directly at the writing of the Constitutional Council’s record within (48) hours following the announcement of the provisional results by the Independent National Electoral Authority.

The appeal petition must include “the name, surname, address and signature of the appellant, and if the appellant is a political party or a list of candidates, the party’s name, the address of its headquarters or the name of the list and the capacity of the appeal’s applicant authorized to file it must be mentioned.”

As for the substantive conditions for filing the appeal, “the appellant must present the subject of the appeal and establish it in the form of aspects and arguments based on it and set forth in the petition,” and “he must support his appeal with the means and documents supporting it,” as the Constitutional Council had clarified in earlier time.

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