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Coronavirus: Professor Derar warns against fourth wave and calls on people with chronic diseases to get a third dose of the vaccine

The Director-General of Pasteur Institute of Algeria, Professor Fawzi Derar, , said that the number of Covid-19 infections in Algeria recently recorded a slight increase, after the health situation became stable in late August and September, as more than 100 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded during the last few hours, which ushers in a fourth wave of coronavirus, knowing that entering a fourth wave will be gradual and the number of infections and severe cases will incrementally increase.

Being the guest of “this morning” program, which is broadcast on the third news channel, Derar stressed that vaccination, in addition to adhering to health procedures as well as health protocols, is what would allow the curve to descend, and then stabilize, otherwise the curve will go up in terms of infection numbers. He stressed once again that vaccination is the only solution currently available, given the situation it provides to avoid the terrible pressure on the health system, as we witnessed in the month of July, knowing that unvaccinated people are considered a reservoir for  Covid-19 virus and will allow the virus to mutate, and the best evidence for this is that the virus did not mutate after the Delta strain, that is, after distributing vaccines.

Professor Derar revealed that, according to statistics from the World Health Organization, more than 90 percent of the deaths out of 50,000 deaths per week recorded globally are from unvaccinated people, which confirms the efficacy of the vaccine in avoiding complications leading to death.

Derar said that Pasteur Institute had concluded agreements with the World Health Organization in addition to the trainings that the institute undergoing, which allow detecting changes and mutations of the virus, and he also stressed in the same context that the only mutant present in Algeria is Delta, and if a new mutant is diagnosed, it will be made public through the official page of the institute.

The director of Pasteur Institute, called for the necessity, for the elderly and those with chronic diseases, to receive a third dose of the vaccine, since the latter’s effectiveness begins to decline after six to eight months of taking it.

The professor warned citizens against reluctance to receive the vaccine due to fear based on  rumors and fake news, which challenge its efficacy, reassuring at the same time, that no severe or dangerous side effects have been recorded in Algeria according the reports submitted weekly on the follow-up to the symptoms of the vaccine.

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