COVID-19: The Ministry of Health authorizes private pharmacies to carry out virus diagnostics

The Ministry of Health decided to license private pharmacists to conduct tests related to diagnosing the Covid-19 virus.

The ministerial decision issued on Monday aims to authorize private pharmacists to diagnose coronavirus (Covid-19) by examining antigens for the virus.

Under this decision, “the pharmacist who owns a private pharmacy or an assistant pharmacist who practices under his responsibility is authorized to detect the virus by examining antigens against Covid-19.”

For reference, the Algerian National Syndicate of Private Pharmacists had asked the Ministry of Health to allow it to conduct tests to detect Covid-19 generators, similar to what is done in developed countries in order to “reduce pressure on private sector laboratories and contribute to limiting the spread of the virus.” .

The head of the National Association of Biological Laboratories, Dr. Abdelhalim Chachoua, stated that “in view of the wide spread of the mutant Omicron, the laboratories have known a high turnout among citizens, reaching between 100 and 200 detection cases per day.”

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