Customs seizes more than 21 million units of firecrackers and fireworks since the beginning of the year

Customs authorities have seized more than 21 million units of fireworks and firecrackers since the beginning of 2021, a statement from the General Directorate of Customs reported on Sunday.

“In order to protect the national economy and safety and health of citizens, and to deter all forms of fraud, smuggling and economic crimes in accordance with the customs legislation and regulation in force, Algerian customs authorities have registered over 80 seizures of fireworks and firecrackers of various types since the beginning of this year ”the statement said.

These operations enabled the seizure of more than 21 million units of fireworks and firecrackers of various shapes and sizes with a value of more than 22 million DZ.

According to the same source, the amount of outstanding fines amounted to more than 476 million DZ.

In addition to fireworks, all these operations, performed by the Algerian customs services and operational teams, enabled the seizure of 13 vehicles, three trucks, and a road tractor.

These operations led to the arrest of 77 persons, according to the statement stressed that “Algeria customs departments and the operational customs are mobilized and in all circumstances to deter all attempts to prejudice the national economy and public health”.

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