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Delegation from European Parliament affirms that Algeria deserves thanks for its remarkable support for the just Sahrawi cause

The President of the People’s National Assembly, Brahim Boughali, received today, Monday, a delegation from the European Parliament led by Mr. Andreas Schieder, who stressed that Algeria “deserves thanks for its remarkable support for the just cause of the Sahrawi people.”

A statement issued by the Assembly read that both Boughali and Scheider “were astonished by the recent deviation of the Kingdom of Spain when it went in the direction of denial of the just cause”, a position that “the free and honourable members of the Spanish Parliament, and even the Spanish people, denounced in more than one Spanish city.”

In this context, speaker of People’s National Assembly thanked the delegation for its “noble mission of supporting the Sahrawi people and their right to self-determination,” as well as “to stand by them in the face of the suffering they are subjected to by the Moroccan occupation,” as he said.

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