Developing programs to upgrade services provided to people with special needs and facilitate their daily lives

The Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, confirmed today, Monday in Annaba, that his ministerial department “has put in place many programs to upgrade services provided to people with special needs and facilitate their daily lives.”

During his supervision of the launch of the official program to commemorate the National Day of People with Disabilities, coinciding with March 14 of each year and accompanied by the Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues Kaoutar Krikou, Bibi Triki  said in a speech he delivered, at the regional theater, Azzeddine Medjoubi that the postal and telecommunications sector, “has been deeply involved in the state’s endeavor to improve the care of this important segment of Algerians.”

On the occasion, Bibi Triki said that “the sector’s road map to take care of the people with special needs includes many programs and initiatives aimed at upgrading the services provided to them,” adding that “the desired goal of the sectoral efforts is to make a tangible impact in order to facilitate their daily lives, benefit from public utility services and enhance their integration in society in addition to raising their chances of contributing to economic growth.

The minister reviewed the most important measures taken for the benefit of people with special needs at the level of the postal and telecommunications sector, such as preparing the entrances to post offices and commercial agencies for telecommunications operators with safe corridors prepared in accordance with international standards to facilitate the access of persons with reduced mobility to these facilities and the allocation of exclusive windows for people with special needs.

Karim Bibi Triki stressed that “all new projects related to the implementation of facilities belonging to the sector must respect the condition of providing corridors and allocating windows for people with special needs,” noting that these standards are mandatory in all post offices and communications agencies.

He mentioned that the sector’s programs also aim to enhance the inclusion of children with special needs, by expanding the scope of participation in the National Contest for Children to Write Letters ” 2022 edition” to include school children in of specialized institutions, in addition to launching the second edition of the National Contest for the Development of Mobile phone Software and Applications for people with special needs.

The minister added that “the digitization of the process of paying solidarity grants is also one of the most important initiatives implemented in coordination with the national solidarity sector to take care of vulnerable groups, including people with special needs.”

The minister had inspected the quality of services provided to citizens at the level of the central post before attending a football match between the ancient national team and the children of specialized institutions.

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