Diafat seeks to strengthen the partnership between projects owners and public institutions

The Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of micro-enterprises, Nassim Diafat, evoked on Monday here in Algiers, the discussions that he conducted with the Minister of Industry with the aim of re-applying the experience of the manufacturing laboratory (Fablab), which was established in cooperation with the company “ALRIM” of the group “IMETAL”, to enhance the partnership model between project owners and public institutions.

In his intervention during the inauguration of the first edition of the National Fair for Innovation in the Field of Vocational Training and Education, which is being held at the International Conference Center “Abdelatif Rahal”, on May 17-18, Diafat considered that the experience of the manufacturing laboratory is a means “to give more credibility to the products of the micro-enterprises thanks to Partnership with economic operators.

The Ministers of Industry and Micro-enterprises evoked the possibility of creating groups by public institutions with micro-enterprises or entering in their capital.

The principle of the manufacturing laboratory, according to Mr. Diafat, is to find holders of innovative projects who will propose their project to public institutions that can become partners in this project and finance them as well.

The Minister Delegate stressed the important role that students graduating from vocational training centers play in establishing “living” projects that are classified as innovative companies.

Diafat mentioned that “more than 70 percent of the micro-enterprises funded by the various mechanisms are the fruit of vocational training,” stressing that “mistakes made in the past in the field of financing institutions will not be repeated again.”

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