Director Djamel Bendeddouche passes away

Film director Djamel Bendeddouche, the director of the movie “Arezki the indigenous”, passed away, on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Algiers, at the age of 80, according to the National Center for Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts.

Djamel Bendeddouche began his career in the radio theater before joining the national television the day after independence.

Late Djamel Bendeddouche directed several documentaries and short films for the Public Television, such as “The Dispute,” “The Informant” and “The White Bird,” before joining the National Audiovisual Production Corporation, where he produced several pedagogical works.

Djamel Bendeddouche, who pursued his training in France and was proud to train the new generations, had founded an audiovisual production company and had produced his major work “Arezki the indigenous” in 2007.

The body of late Djamel Bendeddouche will be buried Sunday after the prayer of el âasr at the cemetery of Oued Erromane in Algiers.

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