Disruption of trains traffic between stations of the capital and Afroun due to an electrical failure

The movement of trains on the line linking Algiers and Afroun was disrupted today, Saturday, due to a temporary failure of the electric lines that supply the trains, according to a statement by the National Railways Company.

The statement indicated that the technical services of the company recorded this morning an interruption in the supply of electric power at the line linking the Blida and Chifa stations, which caused a temporary malfunction of the electric lines that supply the trains.

It added that, as a consequence, the movement of trains in the western suburbs of the capital (between Algiers and Afroun, west of Blida) witnessed turmoil today, pointing out that the trains heading from Algiers towards Afroun and Chifa will stop at Blida station, provided that the trains heading from the western suburb ( Afroun and Chifa) towards Algiers, depart from the Blida station.

According to the same source, the trains of the major lines to and from Oran run normally, as they are equipped with diesel engines that do not depend on electric power, indicating that the company has mobilized all its human and material resources to fix this defect and resume the normal running of trains as soon as possible.

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