Distribution of more than 3000 housing units in the new pole, Iguil Ouzariv, Bejaia

Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and the City, Tarek Belaribi, supervised today, Saturday,  the distribution of 3,016 housing units of a leasing type at the new pole, Iguil Ouzariv, in the state of Bejaia.

This quota of dwellings is registered within the framework of the program of distributing 6.100 units of the same formula, which is in the under completion, and are expected to be delivered no later than September, according to estimates by the National Agency for Housing Improvement and Development “AADL”.

On the occasion, the minister insisted on the need to respect the deadlines for completion, stressing that the preparation works should be completed with the necessary facilities that witness a remarkable progress.

Indeed, the location of these dwellings, which suffered last March from “ a great chaos,” recorded a real transformation, as roads were completed, electricity stands were installed and decorated with grass and public spaces were prepared.

This new city, which includes more than 16 thousand housing units, all in the process of completion, has now become a beautiful place to see and it’s ready to receive its future residents estimated, upon completion, of at least 80 thousand people.

It was also an opportunity for the Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and the City to see the progress that has been achieved on the site within a few weeks, especially since the earthquake of March 18, which constituted a real opportunity, for most of the actors involved in its achievement, in order to double efforts and accelerate the process of rehousing the affected families in the city of Bejaia.

The joint efforts of the services of the ministries of housing, energy and water resources contributed to the revival of this housing pole, which had been hampered for several years by obstacles, so that many doubted the possibility of its completion.

These obstacles related to the rugged and mountainous terrain of the site, problems in its financing, and others related to real estate and the land on which the project has been built.

Thanks to these concerted efforts, this pole became a tangible reality, and its first inhabitants were able to inaugurate the housing units that were allocated to them. Those residents who were filled with joy and happiness upon receiving the contracts and the keys of their new homes.

In his statement, on the occasion, the minister reassured those concerned by revealing the ongoing implementation of a program of 31,000 housing units that “will, upon receipt, contribute to relieving a large number of families that are waiting,” given that the province of Bejaia “has not achieved large housing programs.” He also highlighted that the “public authorities’ will to remedy the delay recorded at the local level. ”

In this regard, Tarek Belaibi laid the foundation stone for the completion of 2,798 housing units in another location, Sayed Bouderham, at the western exit of the city of Bejaia, where a program of 9,000 other housing units of the subsidized rental and promotion formula is being completed.

Upon the realization of this housing program, this pole is expected to receive about 45,000 residents and no less than 25 public utilities, which constitutes a second urban pole that, upon its receipt, will contribute to reduce the pressure on the city of Bejaia, which has reached the degree of saturation, in addition to allocating decent, livable housing units to the residents.

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