Djanet containership carried 900 20-foot containers during its maiden voyage

The new containership “Djanet”, which belongs to the Algerian National Maritime Company (CNAN-Med), carried a total of 900 20-foot containers during its maiden voyage as part of its activity along the regular line linking the most important ports in the West shore of the western Mediterranean, according to a statement made on Thursday, by its general manager, Noureddine Koudil.

During the same cruise, the ship “Djanet” carried a total of 900 containers of 20 feet, knowing that the ship is capable of carrying 1,100 containers.

Mr. Koudil added, in this regard, that “Djanet” is capable of transporting 1,478 20-foot equivalent containers when the containers are empty.

This ship was allocated to the department called “SIFAX” (express connection between Spain, Italy, France and Algeria), along with another ship, with the aim of ensuring regular transportation to these destinations, thus allowing to gain the confidence of national customers and reassure them about the continuity of service.

The ship “Djanet” stopped over at three ports in Italy, namely Marina di Carrara, La Spezia and Jan, before leaving for Valencia, Spain, and then returning to Algiers.

With regard to the conditions of the maiden voyage of the same ship, the CNAN-Med official described it as “good,” since the ship remains “new and equipped with all the facilities.”

It is worth noting that the ship “Djanet” is a mobile container carrier of modern manufacture in the “Green Ship” category, which was acquired within the framework of the plan to develop maritime transport in Algeria and to strengthen the current national merchant fleet.

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