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Dozens of Palestinians suffocated in clashes with the occupation forces east of Nablus

Dozens of Palestinians suffocated today, Tuesday, during clashes with the Zionist occupation forces, at Beit Furik Checkpoint, east of Nablus, in the northern West Bank.

The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) reported that dozens of Palestinians gathered near the Beit Furik checkpoint in response to the settlers’ attacks against Palestinians and their vehicles, which resulted in the outbreak of confrontations, during which heavy tear gas and sound bombs were fired, which led to dozens of Palestinians suffocating. They were treated in the field.

In another context, the Zionist occupation forces arrested eight Palestinians from several different areas in the West Bank.

Local sources said that the occupation forces arrested four Palestinians from Ramallah and Nablus, while four others were arrested from Hebron governorate.

At the same time, the occupation forces set up military checkpoints at the northern entrances to Hebron, and at the entrances to the towns of Al-Zahiriyah, Sa`ir and Halhul, and stopped passing vehicles and searched them after checking the identities of their passengers, which caused a traffic jam.

Also, the occupation forces raided and tampered the house of a citizen in the town of Ya`bad, southwest of Jenin. These forces also intensified their military presence and erected barriers in the vicinity of the villages and towns of Jenin governorate, and searched the vehicles and checked the identities of the vehicles.

In the past few days, the Zionist occupation forces escalated their raids and incursions into Palestinian villages and towns in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and increased the pace of arrests and shooting live bullets at Palestinian youths.

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