Dr. Abdelaziz Arjani for “Algerian TV website”: The program established by the Academy of Geniuses is compared to other programs

Last week, 17 Algerian children out of 17 won the international competition for mental arithmetic and mathematics, including the champion of champions, in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

500 children participated at the event, 150 attendees and 350 attended online from 13 countries, including children from “Sweden, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

Centers of mental arithmetic are very popular in recent years, especially in Algeria, where they have known an intense turnout for children of different age groups, as they contribute to the development of mental abilities and skills, in addition to the development of intelligence and concentration and enhance self-confidence.

Director of the Academy of children geniuses Dr. “Abdelaziz Arjani” in an interview with the news site of Algerian Television reveals the secret of the success of Algerian geniuses, in this competition.

First of all, congratulations for the success … Dr. Arjani told us about the success of 17 Algerian children in the international competition for mental arithmetic and mathematics

There are many factors that contributed to the success of our children, most notably, good preparation for the competition by intensive training of the child by solving a large number of operations using the models of competitions that were used previously in the United Arab Emirates, and before going to participate we noticed that the level of children is excellent, where they complete the calculations before the required time (10 minutes).

The rankings that were included in the competition are according to the year of birth of the child, while our children were high level due to their training for 05 years, so they were distinguished from others, where they finished the calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication) within 10 minutes, there are also 05 children that finished before the time.

In addition, the program established by the Academy is strong compared to other programs, and this contributed significantly to the success of our children as they are facing during the exercises to difficult calculations.

What Awards you have won?

The Champion of the Champions won by Soggha Mohamed Iqbal from Oum Bouaghi and the other participants won the award Champion.

Are there other international participations?

During our participation in the international competition for mental arithmetic and mathematics in Dubai, we were proposed by several countries to organize joint international competitions, among them, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, they asked us to organize bilateral tournaments.

When the Academy of children of Geniuses was founded and are there branches?

The start of the activity of the Academy of children of Geniuses was in 2014, and we have more than 40 branches across 26 provinces, with about 7,000 children.

Is there any intention to expand the activity across other provinces?

We have a demand even from outside the country, there are countries that wanted to adopt our program …

As for the expansion of the activity, it depends on the people who apply to the Academy in order to adopt the program, for example, when the request is made by people who have language center, center for human development, or center for self-development and want to work with our program, we form a partnership with them, we supervise their training and provide them with all the methods of teaching the curriculum and they in turn begin training in their region, and so the activity is distributed throughout the country.

What are the conditions for children’s enrollment?

There are no conditions, all children aged between of 05 and 13 can enroll in training centers for mental arithmetic.

What’s the importance of mental arithmetic for a child?

The importance of mental arithmetic for the child is in the speed of thinking and answer and this is considered the most important quality of personalities, leaders and scientists known for their knowledge and speed in decision-making.

In addition to the development of mental abilities, as it isa “mental sport”, in addition to increasing auditory and visual concentration, memory strengthening also contributes to the enhancement of self-confidence. These are the most important points that contribute to the development of mental arithmetic program.

What’s your message for parents?

Mental arithmetic significantly contributes to the improvement of the academic level due to the confidence gained while practicing the speed of calculation.


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