Economic advisors in the Algerian embassies to encourage exports

Director of Promotion and Support for Trade Exchanges at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rabah Fasih, confirmed today, Sunday, in Bordj Bou Arreridj province, east of Algeria, that advisers in charge of this task will be appointed through all Algerian embassies to encourage exports.

On the sidelines of a meeting attended by investors, exporters and businessmen from Bordj Bou Areridj, the same speaker explained that about 35 economic advisers affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will join their positions through consulates “during the next month of July”. All this is taking place within the framework of the new strategy that aims at supporting and encouraging exports in order to boost the national economy.

Advisers’ mission is to “bring foreign markets closer to Algerian exporters and to introduce more Algerian products through the global markets,” in addition to listening to the concerns of exporters and working to overcome all obstacles facing them, as well as providing them with all information regarding foreign markets.

This visit is part of a comprehensive process to discover local industries and production units in various industrial zones, in addition to programming meetings with investors and economic operators, especially those with experience in the field of export.

For their part, the investors who attended the meeting welcomed the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hoping that it would be accompanied by effective measures to facilitate export operations, such as overcoming bureaucratic and banking obstacles, in order to encourage them to enter foreign markets.

The delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited production units in the industrial zone of Bordj Bou Arreridj, especially units of electronic and home industries, as well as manufactures of sweets, perfumes and cosmetics.

During this visit, Mr. Fasih was accompanied by a delegation that included diplomats and economic advisors from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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