El-Bayadh: 560 licenses granted to dig agricultural irrigation wells

Directorate of Water Resources of the province of El Bayadh has granted, since the beginning of this year, tmore than 560 licenses to dig agricultural irrigation wells for the benefit of farmers and investors across the various regions of the province, according to the officials of the same directorate.

The head of the drinking water supply department in the directorate, Mahboubi Ibrahim, stated that the directorate granted drilling licenses to these farmers and investors after completing the study of the files of these professionals operating in the agricultural sector so that they could start the drilling work.

In this regard, approximately 130 digging licenses were delivered to farmers and investors across the district of El Bayadh, more than 120 in the district of Sidi El Sheikh, and more than 115 licenses across the district of Brezina, while the remaining licenses granted by the same directorate includes farmers and investors from the districts of Bokotb, Chellala, Boussemgoun, Rakassa and Boualem.

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