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El Djeïch Magazine: National People’s Army achieved impressive results in combating terrorism during last period

In its 705 edition, El Djeïch Magazine issued in April 2022 / corresponding to Ramadan 1443 Hijri, the magazine stressed that “In recent times, ANP detachments have achieved remarkable results in the fight against terrorism, thanks to sustained efforts, reflecting a steely determination to eradicate this phenomenon which is foreign to the values of our religion and our society”.

This result reflects the high professionalism of our armed forces and their constant vigilance and readiness to neutralize all those who dare to compromise the security of our country.

“After defeating previous attempts to undermine the foundations of the Algerian state and its constitutional institutions, the Algerian people discover the details of another plot hatched against our country from abroad and orchestrated by a terrorist organisation whose masterminds resort to vile methods and launch hostile campaigns reflecting a profound rancour towards Algeria and its people and the achievements made in many fields, in record time, under the new orientation adopted”.

The editorial of the magazine also noted that the High Command of the ANP “will continue to ensure the development of the defence system of our Armed Forces in order to guarantee permanent operational availability, by raising its combat capabilities to the highest level and by surrounding them with everything that is likely to ensure the promotion of skills in order to be able to repel any threat, of whatever form and nature, and to defeat all traitors, the enemies of the Algerian.

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