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El Jeich Magazine: Historic enemies cannot undermine determination of children of Algerian nation or question their belonging

In the editorial of its November issue, the “El Jeich” magazine affirmed that “the historical and traditional enemies cannot undermine the determination of the children of the Algerian nation or question their belonging,” and stressed that those who “sold their souls and honor and formed an alliance with the enemies have cut off the last hope of repentance to return to the arms of the motherland.”

The magazine stressed that after the recovery of national sovereignty, “the enemies of yesterday and today realized that the People’s National Army is a natural extension of the National Liberation Army, bearing the same values ​​and principles and that only preserve the national interest. Attempt then multiplied to strike the rooted trust that binds the people to their army and to sow discord between them, in order to facilitate the manipulation of the fate of Algeria and its components and try to exploit the circumstances that our country is going through to destroy the foundations of the national state,” by raising “hollow and foolish slogans, through which the gang of traitors and plotters are trying to confuse national public opinion and drag the country into chaos and insecurity.”

It stressed in this regard that “the historical and traditional enemies can never undermine the determination of the children of the Algerian nation or question their belonging, civilization and struggle, as long as every authentic Algerian is familiar with the history of his nation, preserves the lessons and commandments of the ancestors,” noting that “all these conspiracies and intrigues that are being hatched overseas or on our borders, will be doomed to failure as many attempts before it failed.”

The magazine added that this was confirmed by the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Said Chengriha, on the occasion of the 67th anniversary, when he said: “Today we hear the voices of some new colonialists to tickle the feelings of some extremists by justifying some of the heinous crimes of colonialism in our country and claiming that there is no Algerian nation before the occupation, but no way, their endeavor will fail, and our history and November will remain a lump in their throats forever, as long as the Algerian people are proud of their glorious history and ancient civilizational values.

On the same occasion, the magazine pointed out that “the proud National Liberation Army was born from the womb of the suffering of the people and formed the foundation for the liberation revolution, launched on the 1st of November 1954 with groups of young people who believed in their just cause and were successively strengthened by joining the ranks of the young revolution, forming a sweeping current full of sacrifices and heroism and which was crowned  by a sweeping victory.”

It stressed that during the blessed revolution, “the army was at the forefront, carrying the nation’s hopes and aspirations and enjoying absolute confidence in order to fulfill those hopes and aspirations, until the sacred goal of emancipation and freedom and the rebuilding of the independent Algerian state were achieved.

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