El-Oued: More than 80 exhibitors expected at International Exhibition of National Products “Production and Export”

It is expected that 82 exhibitors will participate in the activities of the second edition of the International Exhibition of National Products Production and Export, to be organized during the period from January 24 to 27 in El Oued.

Operators representing local and national productive industrial establishments in the public and private sectors will participate in this economic and commercial salon, with the aim of introducing the national product, which qualifies for concluding partnership agreements with the foreign trader to open a real market for export, as explained the Director General of “Al-Fahd” Corporation for Services, Faiçal Haouamdi (regulator).

For this reason, the selection process of exhibitors in this salon focused on the leading national companies in the public and private sectors interested in presenting a national product capable of being exported, especially products that are in great demand in global markets, especially the African market.

Businessmen from eight (8) African countries (Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali and Niger) will also participate in this international salon with the aim of concluding partnership and cooperation agreements with Algerian economic operators and discussing opportunities to export the national product to the African market.

According to the organizers, this economic space with an international dimension is an opportunity to highlight the investment qualifications of the national institutions, which are rightly considered the first building block for the development and establishment of an export culture for the local product, especially in the field of manufacturing industries and other industries that have become a national leader such as canning and packaging companies and the manufacture of aromatic materials with medical use on the one hand and highlighting the needs and concerns of workers in the investment market in these fields on the other hand, in addition to exchanging experiences in both production and export fields.

It is worth noting that the international fair for national products, production and export, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will be coordinated with the Al-Fahd Foundation for Exhibitions and Salons.

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