El Oued: The work of the desert camping area project to start during the last quarter of 2022

It is expected that the construction works of the desert tourist camping area in El-Oued will start during the last quarter of this year, coinciding with the opening of the desert tourism season, according to what was declared on Tuesday by the province Directorate of Tourism and Handicrafts.

This new tourist space, created in November of the previous year, falls within the framework of the measures taken by local authorities aimed at opening investment opportunities in the field of desert tourism, as it is one of the tributaries of the national economy, as explained by the director of the sector, Djilali Chemani.

He pointed out that the area allocated for the establishment of the tourist camping area is 5,600 hectares, subject to expansion, as part of the early stages to support this important tourism investment.

Ten tourism agencies were also involved in activating this qualitative tourism project directed mainly by tourism agencies in its initial phase, which withdrew the specifications book and agreed to its terms that were included by specialists in tourism investment, which precisely define the organization of desert tourism activity, adds Mr. Chemani.

The nature of the investments included in the activities of the desert tourist camping area will allow the owners of approved tourism agencies to practice of many activities directly related to the promotion of tourism, especially traditional industries and popular foods, as well as sports activities on the sand, according to the same official.

It also contributes to activating tourism economic activities, and grants privileges to economic operators who own tourism agencies, mainly exempting them from all taxes, fees and deductions of a fiscal and semi-fiscal nature, according to the same source.

The free zone for desert tourism camping, which constitutes one of the main concerns of investors in the tourism field in the valley, is intended to be a space for achieving an integrated tourism product and developing the tourism industry, as was indicated.

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