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Electric spark kills student in Ouledfayet university residence

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research confirmed today that the death of the student Kouch Nacera was due to an electric spark caused by a heater inside the room and that “it was not due to a gas flask explosion as it was reported”.

The same source explained that “following the painful tragedy that befell the university family as a result of the death of Kouch Nacera, a student residing in Ouldfayet university residence 2, which was caused by an electric spark caused by a heater in the room, Minister of Higher Education presents in his name and in the name of all University services, his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, hoping that Allah Almighty will bless her soul and welcome her in his Paradise.

Civil protection services confirmed, in a statement earlier today, the death of a 24-year-old university student from Tiaret province. According to the same source, the student died from her wounds in Ouledfayet university residence 2 for Girls in Algiers, as a result of “an explosion of a gas flask around 10:37 am.”

Security services opened an investigation at the explosion site to investigate the causes and circumstances of this accident.

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