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Electrical Industries: President of the Republic orders to impose use of national product in projects of transactions

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during his chairmanship on Sunday of the Cabinet meeting, ordered to impose the use of the national product in all projects, according to a statement of the council of ministers.

The statement said that the President of the Republic, after hearing a presentation on the strategy of promoting the electrical industries, “ordered the government to include what imposes the use of national product, within all projects, especially with foreigners”.

The President of the Republic ordered the Minister of Energy and Mines to draw up an inventory of all Sonelgaz imports. He also ordered an immediate halt to the import of nationally manufactured products, especially generators, transformers, cables and other equipment, in order to promote local investors.

President Tebboune ordered the Ministers of Industry, Trade and Higher Education and Scientific Research to coordinate with the Prime Minister’s office to create standardisation and control laboratories for imported household appliances.

In the same context, the President of the Republic welcomed the initiative to gather all economic operators of electrical industries, calling for the organization of a special exhibition for them, in order to promote them and review the opportunities to create partnerships between them to develop their activities, according to the statement.

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