Emergency drinking water distribution program in the capital comes into force

The Water and Sanitation Company of the province of Algiers “SEAAL” began implementing the “urgent” program for water distribution in Algiers, after the distribution disruption that the capital has experienced in recent days due to the scarcity of water resources. The program revolves around three distribution sub-programs, according to SEAAL’s announcement.

 The first program concerns 14 municipalities that will be supplied by drinking water “daily from eight in the morning until two o’clock in the afternoon.”

Those municipalities are: Kasbah, Sidi Moussa, Bir Mourad Rais, Hydra, Ouled Chebel, Tassala El Merja, Baba Hssen, Draria, Achour, Belouizdad, Madania, Sidi Mhamed and Rahmania.

As for the second program, it includes 20 municipalities with a ‘day by day” distribution system, starting from eight in the morning until four in the evening.” It includes the municipalities of Oued Quraich, Rais Hamido, Kalitous, Bir Khadem, Gue de Constantine, Beni Messous, Bouzareah, Ain Benian, Hammamet, Babezzouar, Borj El Bahri, El Marsa, Mohammadia, Bourouba, Bach Djerrah, Oued Smar, El Harrach, Magaria, Hussein Dey and Hrawa.

The third program, according to the emergency program prepared by SEAAL, concerns 23 municipalities that will be provided with water “from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon” with a mixed distribution system, whereby some municipalities will benefit from the distribution “on a daily basis” and others will be subject to a “day by day” system.

Those municipalities are the following: Bab El Oued, Bologuin, Barraki, Shawla, Bir Touta, Ben Aknoun, Al-Ebiar, Cheraga, Deli Ibrahim, Ouled Fayet, Ain Taya, Dar El Beida, Douira, Kharaisiya, Kouba, Raghaia, Rouiba, Central Algiers, Maalma, Souidania, Staoueli and Zeralda.

SEAAL underlined that all its executives are mobilized for the success of the operation, calling on citizens to “understand the situation resulting from the scarcity of water due to the drought Algeria has been experiencing for three years now.”

For his part, the Wali of the province of Algiers, Youcef Chorfa, announced, in a press release, the launch of an emergency program, starting from next July, related to the exploitation of 51 deep wells, allowing the supply of approximately 80,000 additional cubic meters.

He added that, starting from the coming months of July and August, “we will return to the service of exploiting three desalination plants, as well as the surface water exploitation program.”

In line with the instructions of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the governor of the wilaya of Algiers mentioned the start, during the next few weeks, of the exploitation of surface water by launching the process of completing 120 deep wells, as well as (new) stations for seawater desalination to be prepared after September.

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