Energy and Mining: Arkab meets with sector executives

Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab held on Thursday a meeting with the executives of the sector, during which he discussed the energy challenges facing the country and the efforts to be made to meet them, says a statement from the ministry.

This meeting took place at the Ministry’s headquarters in the presence of the CEO of Sonatrach Group, the representative of CEO of Sonelgaz Group, and the President of the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG), the president of the National Agency for the Development of Hydrocarbon Resources, (ALNAFT), the CEO of the Manadjim El Djazair Group (MANAL), the president of the National Agency for Mining Activities (ANAM), the president of the Algerian Geological Survey Agency (ASGA) and ministry officials, the same source said.

Thanking the President of the Republic for the renewed confidence in his person, Mr Arkab affirmed “the pursuit of action and efforts to serve the country and the population”.

The growth and progress of the energy and mining sector “will not take place without the combined efforts of all operators, an approach that will have a positive impact on the national economy and ensure a decent and stable life for all citizens,” he added.

Arkab added that the sector is facing several challenges, especially in the field of hydrocarbons, hence the need to develop the fields in order to increase production by Sonatrach on its own or in the framework of a partnership, in accordance with the new law on hydrocarbons, as well as to relaunch petrochemical projects in order to cover national needs and reduce imports.

He noted the great importance of seawater desalination programme as an alternative to water scarcity in the short and medium term.

With regard to electrical energy, the Minister said he was keen to develop and expand the national high and extra-high voltage electricity transmission network, particularly in the South, by connecting remote areas and productive agricultural and industrial facilities to the electricity and gas network.

He called for taking advantage of the investment opportunities offered in the African continent and promoting the integration of the electricity and energy system with Europe.

It is also a matter of ensuring better economic exploitation of the country’s great mineral resources in order to create wealth and added value as well as employment for young people and graduates.

Arkab stressed the need to really exploit the new Ghar Djebilet mine and to complete all the measures related to the launch of the phosphate project while working to develop and expand all mining projects.

The Minister addressed other issues such as nuclear energy for electricity production, environmental protection, energy facilities, encouraging national integration in the energy and mining sector, digitalisation, the use of high technology, the administrative organisation of energy and mining directorates and support for start-ups.

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