Energy facilities secured and protected against cyber attacks

The Sonatrach group has adopted systems to prevent and fight against cyber threats targeting strategic data and has the technological means to deal with this type of attack, an official at the national hydrocarbons company said on Tuesday.

Speaking on national radio, Sonatrach’s Director of Internal Security, Mounir Belhocine, said that the national hydrocarbon company has set up procedures and systems to raise awareness among users to prevent this type of threat. A technological watch and the development of expertise are being carried out within the company”, the same official stressed.

“Today, the threat has evolved technologically. Oil companies are facing a new threat, which is the cyber attack and which can target management and operating systems and databases on the state of reserves, installations and the production process,” he said, adding that this issue of cyber attack is handled by a specialised department within Sonatrach.

In this context, Mr. Belhocine confirmed that the oil company has Algerian skills in cybersecurity and technological security of installations and a policy of ensuring the development of this expertise.

He also added that thanks to state-of-the-art technological means, Sonatrach had “brilliantly” dealt with this type of attack.

Security of energy facilities: 10,000 agents trained by the NPA.

Regarding the internal security of the facilities and energy sites of the national company and its partners, he reported on the paramilitary training since 2013 to date, of 10,000 agents at training centres under the National People’s Army ( NPA) and a training program underway for 8,000 other agents.

At the same time, he said, the trained officers carry out simulation exercises at the facilities under the supervision of the security services officers in order to draw lessons and improve responsiveness.

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