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Ethiopian President: Algerian liberation revolution is a historic turning point in the liberation of African peoples

The President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mrs. Sahle Work Zwede, affirmed on Monday that the Algerian liberation revolution constituted a “historic turning point” in the liberation of African peoples from the yoke of colonialism.

The Ethiopian president wrote on her Twitter account: “The struggle for the liberation of Algeria constituted, for generations of Africans, a historic turning point for their liberation from the yoke of colonialism. Our peoples share a fierce resistance against colonialism and share the sacred values ​​of freedom, independence and patriotism.”

“I participated in the closing ceremony of the Mediterranean Games, where I discovered the beautiful city of Oran and its suburbs,” she added.

Speaking about her state visit to Algeria last July at the head of an important delegation, the Ethiopian President made it clear that the two parties agreed to “revive the friendship and cooperation relations that bind them” in order to raise them to the level of their aspirations.

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