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Events of October 17, 1961: start of the proceedings of a historical symposium at People’s National Assembly

The proceedings of a historic symposium under the slogan “The river is still full of blood in the eyes of Algerians” was launched today, Saturday, at the headquarters of the National People’s Assembly (Algiers), as part of the celebrations commemorating the day of migration, coinciding with October 17, 1961.

This symposium was attended by the speaker of the Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali, a representative of the Minister of Mujahideen or War Veterans and Rights-holders, a number of Mujahideen who lived through these massacres in the French capital, Paris and officials of national bodies and institutions, as well as a professor of history and civil society actors, and students from several national universities.

In a speech he delivered while giving the kickoff to this symposium, the speaker of the People’s National Assembly said that Algeria’s history which “is deep in civilization was written with pure blood, and there is no room for denial, deception, for more and for less,” stressing that Algeria today “has, through the leadership of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune,  courageous decisions emanating from the greatness of its people, both in past and now.

Boughali also said that the demonstrations of October 17, 1961, “is another stain on the hands of the colonizer” and will remain – he added – “enshrined in the mind of every Algerian and in the conscience of every valiant person in the world.”

It’s worth noting that before the start of the proceedings of this symposium, a wreath was laid in front of the memorial stela commemorating the sacrifices of Algerians during the French occupation, and a minute of silence was observed in honor of the souls of the martyrs, in addition to the inauguration of an exhibition of historical photos and documents that perpetuate the massacres that targeted Algerians in France.

A documentary film entitled “The Blood of the Seine” was played, during which the brutality of French colonialism against peaceful demonstrators, their arrest and torture by the French police, was shown in a manner that contradicts the principles of human rights.

The proceedings of this symposium will continue with lectures and live testimonies of Mujahideen on the massacres of October 17, 1961, in the French capital (Paris), including the testimony of the Mujahid Muhammed Ghafir, called “Moh Clichy”.

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