Extinguishing of 14 forest fires out of 16 in Jijel province

Civil Protection units of Jijel province succeeded to extinguish 14 out of the 16 fires that broke out in the forests across 11 municipalities, Jijel Civil Protection Director said.

Civil Protection deployed 10 operational units, 28 fire trucks, as well as 84 staff of various ranks to fight the flames and maintain the safety of citizens and their properties.

According to the same source, the largest forest areas damaged by fires were recorded in Mansoura of Salma Benziada municipality and El Chadia in Qaous municipality.

It is worth mentioning that Civil Protection services recorded on Tuesday evening, 12 forest fires broke out across 9 municipalities in the east and the south of the province, the number of fires increased to 16 across 11 municipalities.

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