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Fawzi Derrar: 35% of target categories are vaccinated against seasonal flu

The director general of the Pasteur Institute, Fawzi Derrar, said on Wednesday that 35% of the targeted categories had been vaccinated against the seasonal flu through private pharmacies and various health institutions.

The same official welcomed the enthusiasm of citizens towards the various health institutions and pharmacies for the vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza since its launch, so a rate of 35% among the targeted categories has so far been recorded, especially among the elderly, people with chronic diseases and pregnant women.

Mr Derrar described this operation as “successful”, as “it was carried out on time, especially since a large part of the operation was assigned to pharmacies, which contributed to the high demand”.

He also said that compliance with the seasonal flu vaccination campaign “helps to reduce the rate of hospitalisation of infected people, as well as the mortality rate, given the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, which could worsen the situation with the two viruses spreading in tandem”.

The vaccination campaign, which will run until next April – according to the same official – will contribute to “reducing the expenses of the National Social Security Fund in terms of excessive antibiotic prescriptions that impact negatively on health “.

In addition, the Director General of the Pasteur Institute comforted citizens who have received the seasonal flu vaccine and who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19, that they could receive both vaccines at the same time “without any fear”.

As a reminder, by the end of 2021, the Pasteur Institute had acquired more than one (1) million doses of vaccine against seasonal influenza, a number that the Ministry of Health considers “sufficient” to cover the national needs in this matter.

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