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Fight against terrorism, crime and smuggling: Conclusive results in 2022

Conclusive results were recorded in 2022 in the fight against terrorism, smuggling, arms trafficking, drug trafficking and organized crime, the People’s National Army said Monday in an operational report released by the Ministry of the National Defense.

“In accordance with the instructions of the High Command of the National People’s Army aiming at reinforcing efforts and vigilance in order to maintain operational readiness at its highest level, to face any possible threat to the security and stability of the country, 2022 has been marked by great results, in the fight against terrorism, smuggling, arms trafficking, drug trafficking and organised crime, with the neutralisation and arrest of a large number of terrorists, the dismantling of several support networks and the destruction of a large number of bunkers and shelters used by terrorist groups,” the report said.

In the framework of the fight against terrorism, ANP detachments have defeated 39 terrorists during the past year, of which 20 terrorists were killed, 14 captured and 5 others surrendered to the military authorities, the ANP report said.

According to the same source, 371 elements supporting terrorist groups were arrested during this period by ANP detachments, which also discovered and destroyed 64 terrorist bunkers and 97 homemade bombs.

A total of 623 weapons were recovered during the year 2022, underlines the ANP report, which mentions the recovery of 16 machine guns of different calibers, 04 RPG-7 rocket launchers, 02 RPG-2 rocket launchers, 56 Kalashnikovs, 499 rifles of different types, 39 automatic pistols and 07 remote detonators.

“605 rockets of different calibers, 16,149 bullets of different calibers, 35 magazines and 31 kilograms of explosives (kilograms)” were also recovered in 2022, the ANP report said.

As part of the fight against drug trafficking, 2016 drug traffickers were arrested during the year 2022, marked by the seizure of large quantities of treated kif amounting to 48.54 tonnes, and 35.87 kilograms of cocaine, as well as 10910403 psychotropic tablets.

In addition, 11050 people were arrested in the framework of border security and the fight against smuggling and organised crime, adds the report, which also mentions the seizure of 2543 tonnes of foodstuffs intended for smuggling and speculation, 1961624 litres of fuel, 1165 vehicles, 5912 jackhammers, 9381 generators, 273 metal detectors, 973.4 tonnes of mixed gold and stones, 104.8 tonnes of copper and aluminium, 1733 quintals of tobacco, 302064 various beverages and 310452 pyrotechnic items.

In the framework of the fight against illegal immigration, 5,767 candidates for illegal emigration via home-made boats were rescued and arrested during the year 2022, while 8,750 illegal immigrants of different nationalities were arrested, the same source concluded.

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