Finance Bill 2022 expects revenues of more than 5683 billion dinars

The value of the budget revenues expected in the Finance Bill 2022 reached more than 5683 billion DA, of which 2103 billion DA result from petroleum taxation.

According to the draft finance law presented today, Sunday, by Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, to the Finance and Budget Committee of People’s National  Assembly, the expected budget revenues for 2022 amount to 5683.22 distributed over 3579.31 billion dinars of regular resources (63 percent of total revenues) and 2,103.90 billion dinars of petroleum taxation (37 percent).

In turn, the regular resources are divided into 2857.86 billion DA of fiscal revenue (the proceeds of direct and indirect taxes, registration, stamp, and the proceeds of various taxes on business and customs proceeds) and 231.15 billion DA of ordinary revenues (the quotient of state property income and the various proceeds of the budget and regular revenues).

The Finance Law for 2021 expected revenues in the current year of 5,331.83 billion DA, including 3404.78 from regular resources and 1,927 billion DA from petroleum taxation.

As for expenditures, the Finance Bill for 2022 allocates funds under the title of operating budget of 6311.53 billion DA and equipment budget of 3546.90 billion DA (license appropriations), including 2713.86 billion DA for investment and 833.03 billion DA for capital operations.

Within the equipment budget, 196.13 billion DA have been allocated to support housing acquisition, 736.11 billion DA for basic economic and administrative facilities, 253.44 billion DA for agriculture and irrigation, and 228.10 billion DA for education and training.

156.9 billion DA were allocated to social and cultural base enterprises, 36.53 billion DA to support productive services, 4.79 billion DA to industry and 1.75 billion DA to energy and mines.

As for the municipal development plans, a budget of 100 billion DA have been allocated to them, while 1600 billion DA have been allocated to other sectors.

It also allocated, within the finance bill for the next year, 433,03 billion DA to support economic activities (allocations to special allocation accounts and reducing interest rates), as well as 390 billion DA as a reserve directed at unexpected expenses.

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