Finance: Prime Minister stresses need to restore financial balances and ensure rational management of public funds

Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmen Benabderrahmane, stressed, on Saturday, the need to restore the state’s internal and external financial balances and to ensure rational and optimal management of public funds, according to a statement by the Prime Ministry’s services.

Mr. Benabderrahmane gave these instructions while presiding over a government meeting held via videoconference, according to the same source.

During this meeting, the statement says, the Prime Minister stressed “the necessity of restoring the state’s internal and external financial balances on the one hand, and ensuring rational and optimal management of public funds, on the other hand,” recalling also “the need to achieve the goal of covering operating expenses through regular fiscality, by improving tax and fee collection rate.

These instructions came after the government heard a presentation related to a draft law that includes a budget settlement for the 2019 financial year, prepared by the finance sector, in anticipation of its presentation during an upcoming cabinet.

This draft text falls within the framework of the provisions of the Constitution, as well as Law No. 84-17 of July 17, 1984, pertaining to the laws of finance, and Ordinance No. 20-95 of July 17, 1995, relating to the Accountability Council, says the statement, stressing that this legislative mechanism sets the control on the implementation of finance laws by both the Parliament and the Accountability Council.

Meanwhile, the government heard a presentation by the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of startups, on the status of startups, and means of reviving them.

According to the statement, the diagnosis of the current situation of micro, small and medium sized enterprises showed that they represent no less than 97 percent of the total companies and employ more than 56 percent of the workforce.

The reforms initiated, as well as the roadmap aimed at promoting the establishment of micro-enterprises and improving their ecosystem, were also presented.

Following the presentation, the Prime Minister pointed out “the need to study ways and means that would improve and ensure a maximum appreciation of the mechanisms to support job creation that the state has put in place at the level of various sectors.”

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