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First Algerian Youth Forum in Tebessa: Emphasis on the need to enhance youth participation in building the new Algeria

Participants in the activities of the second day of the first Algeria Youth Forum, hosted by the province of Tebessa, stressed today, Sunday, the need to strengthen and promote the participation of youth in building the new Algeria.

During the workshops and open discussion sessions held at the university campus in the municipality of Boulhaf Eddir, the participants made it clear that “mechanisms must be put in place to enable the effective participation of this segment to build the new Algeria that everyone aspires to.”

The Director-General of the National Institute for Comprehensive Strategic Studies, Abdelaziz Medjahed, indicated that “it is necessary to take advantage of the youth as the largest component of Algerian society, especially in light of the new laws acted by the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which grant the youth large prerogatives in order to involve them in political life.

Mr. Medjahed called on the occasion to “link the past with the present and benefit from what was done by the youth of yesterday and their contribution to the outbreak of the liberation revolution, which is considered one of the most prominent revolutions in the history of nations,” noting that “the youth of today have complete loyalty to the homeland and are willing to participate in building the new Algeria.”.

Several workshops were organized during which the facilitators and the youth, after dividing them into groups, dealt with several important axes related mainly to citizenship, the spirit and sense of belonging to the homeland and political participation. Leadership methods and ways of effective participation in all local and national events, as well as planning and thinking skills were also discussed.

It’s worth recalling that the activities of the first Algerian youth forum entitled “Martyr Dounia Boulahsa”, organized by the Higher Council for Youth and hosted by the province of Tebessa, will continue for 3 days under the slogan “citizenship and youth political empowerment.”

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