First National “Fatiha-Berber” Days for Youth Theatre in Boumerdes province

Cultural association El Manara in Corso city, Boumerdes province, announced the organization of the first National Days named after late artist Fatiha-Berbere dedicated to youth theatre, and which will be held next September.

The initiative to organise periodically National Theatre Days in Boumerdes, called Fatiha Berbère (1945-2015), comes as a tribute to this great lady, a native of the region and an icon of the Algerian theatre, television and cinema.

These days will have a competitive character, specifying the criteria for participation, which essentially require that different workshops making up each competing project (text, staging, scenography, music, performing arts, etc.), be entirely the work of young people not older than 35 years.

Other criteria to be respected are the number of elements constituting a band which, according to the press release, must not exceed eight (08) people, who will have to present a performance of at least 60 minutes.

The deadline for the projects’ submission is the first of August 2021 and the costs of the stay during these days are covered by the organisers of this event, which comes to reinforce the 4th Art practice in Algeria.

Fatiha Berbère, whose real name is Fatiha Bellal, was born on 11 February 1945 in the Casbah of Algiers, where she had begun to show, since her childhood, strong artistic aptitudes, noticed by her father, her first fan, and encouraged her to follow her passion.

In 1959, she joined Meriem Fekkai’s (1889-1961) female singing and dancing troupe, one of the divas of hawzi genre and Andalusian song. The same year, she joined the theatre section of the National Institute of Music, perfecting her acting skills, leading her to many successes, until her death on 16 January 2015, leaving behind a distinguished and rich artistic career.


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