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General Director of Algerian Television: Sons of the company succeeded in drawing a bright picture of Television and Algeria

Director General of the General Organization of Algerian Television, Chabane Lounakel, extended his highest thanks and appreciation to all the workers and executives in the central station, regional stations and sub-centres, in all their fields and specializations.

The Director-General emphasized that the Corporation was able to make the recent important dates a success in a message that reads:

To the male and female workers and executives of public television

I would like to express my thanks, appreciation and gratitude

You have always raised challenges in our ancient institution over the years, but the challenge this year was the biggest, coinciding with two great events: the celebrations commemorating the sixties of independence, which is the largest ever, and the activities of the nineteenth Mediterranean Games in Oran, which is the largest international sporting event that Algeria has hosted for many years.

Words cannot express my deep gratitude to every employee who performed his work and more, out of his professional conscience, during strenuous hours across our vast country, in harsh temperatures and difficult climatic and natural conditions.

We say it with pride: The people of this institution, in all their fields and specializations, and everyone in his position, succeeded at all levels and by all standards in drawing a bright picture of the public institution for television and for Algeria together.

I extend my highest thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all the workers and executives in the central station, regional stations and sub-centres who, despite the succession of important dates in the past months, have proven every time that the call of duty and the homeland cancels all considerations, whatever they may be.

We are aware of the sacrifices you have made, and are still, in terms of time, effort and patience to perform your tasks perfectly, and despite the many objective difficulties and great pressure to ensure direct transmission and comprehensive and integrated real-time coverage, the impressive result that appeared on the screens exceeded all expectations and proved that this institution is rich in its loyal and just sons, which is a school of professionalism and dedication together.

Without your efforts, we would not have been able to make these important dates successful, and we would not have been able to put our organization on the map of success in a record period, so thank you for your excellence in filling the earth with liveliness and gratitude, you have proven that you are up to the responsibility, and you have taken upon yourself the trust and sincerity of work.

Long live Algeria and Best Wishes.

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