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General Manager of Algerian Television: We must get rid of Ramadan production influence and move towards production throughout the year

General Manager of the Public Enterprise of Algerian Television, Ahmed Bensebane, revealed yesterday, Saturday, as he was the guest of the Dialogue Forum, the program grid of Algerian television for the month of Ramadan.

On this occasion, Mr. Bensebane hailed the Ramadan programs adopted by the Public Enterprise of Algerian Television this year, saying: “During Ramadan of this year, those who consider watching another channel than Algerian television are wrong.”

With regard to how to choose a package of programs and rely on some influencers through social media, the same speaker stated, “Public television is open and no longer closed on itself, and it welcomes all creative ideas that would raise the value of creative and intellectual works inside the country, and the choice of program is not an administrative decision, it is an artistic one. We have a production directorate where programs are presented to us, studied and passed through reading committees and artistic committees, and the selection is evaluated and made on the basis of the editorial lines of our channels, and therefore job opportunities with Algerian television are available. ”

In our future vision, we must move away from the influence of the Ramadan occasion only, to the production throughout the year, Mr. Bensebane added.

In the same regard, the General Manager of the Public Enterprise for Algerian Television confirmed that, immediately after the month of Ramadan, the Algerian and Arab drama competition will be launched to position itself in the Arab drama scene, and it will also be launched on the occasion of Memory Day, the National Documentary Film Festival.

“We do not want Algerian television to be a competitor to anyone, and no one in Algeria has competing capabilities for public television, whether Ahmed Bensebane is at its head or not, and it is the locomotive that drives the creative process in Algeria,” Mr. Bensebane added.

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