Ghardaia: arrest of 10 people suspected of criminal acts

The Security Services of  Ghardaia arrested ten (10) people, including three (3) under investigation and two summonses against them suspected of committing various criminal acts, according to a statement by the Communication and Public Relations Cell of the same security Body on Saturday.

These people were arrested across various neighborhoods and cities of the province following police operations aimed at combating social scurges, as explained by the same source, adding that the database on the persons subject to security research showed that the defendants, who have judicial precedents, are also the subject of research for their involvement in the cases of the drugs trafficking, Psychotropic Substances and alcoholic beverages, financial fraud, and the issuance of uncovered cheque.

The investigation also allowed the seizure of a quantity of drugs, hallucinogenic tablets and alcoholic beverages, as explained.

These suspects, aged between 21 and 48 years, were placed under investigation by the security authorities under the supervision of the competent prosecution to reveal the circumstances of their involvement in various cases, according to the statement of the Communication and Public Relations Cell of Ghardaia province security .

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