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Government examines an executive decree draft on supplying the national market with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

In its meeting held yesterday, Wednesday, chaired by Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, the government examined an executive decree draft amending and completing Executive Decree No. 20-109 of May 5th, 2020 related to exceptional measures aimed at facilitating the supply of the national market with pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and detection equipment to confront “Covid-19 ” pandemic.

According to a press release of the Prime Minister services, the draft of this text follows the establishment of the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry and the transfer of some tasks that were entrusted to the Ministry of Health, especially with regard to accrediting pharmaceutical institutions, and issuing programs for importing pharmaceutical materials and medical supplies.

The draft decree also comes in light of the difficulties faced by manufacturers in importing raw materials for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies used in the context of confronting the “Covid-19” pandemic.

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