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Government meeting on draft executive decrees and offers related to several sectors

Members of the government studied and discussed, today, Thursday, draft executive decrees and offers related to several sectors, during a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, at the Government Palace, according to a communiqué of Prime Minister services, whose full text is as follows:

The Government Council gathered today, Thursday, June 10th, chaired by Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, at the Government Palace.

During this meeting, draft executive decrees and proposals related to the following sectors were studied and discussed:

1- Interior, local communities and urban development.

2- Finance.

3- Energy and Mines

4- Culture and arts.

5- Trade.

6- Tourism and handicrafts.

7- Environment.

8- The pharmaceutical industry.

1- At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Development presented a draft executive decree that includes a declaration of the public benefit of the process related to the construction of an integrated residential pole and accompanying equipment at the level of the municipality of Bouzeguen in the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou.

Whereas, the necessary funds for the compensation granted to the stakeholders in connection with the real estate expropriation operations necessary for the realization of this project are available and deposited at the public treasury.

2– In another context, Minister of Finance presented a draft executive decree specifying the conditions for approving and exploiting temporary stores, as well as the form and terms of the specifications and the general pledge secured by a guarantee.

The temporary warehouse is an area approved by the Customs Administration, which is directed to unloading the goods and depositing them temporarily, under customs control, pending the subscription of the customs declaration that allows the stored goods to be given a legal and licensed destination.

This system is in the process of placing at the customs and goods customs upon import and export.

Accordingly, the proposed regulatory framework in this project allows defining the conditions for issuing the accreditation and exploiting the temporary stores, by stipulating specifications to which the exploiter is subject.

3- Regarding energy and mining sector, the minister presented four projects of executive decrees:

The first relates to the method of calculating and liquidating the assignment right applicable to upstream activities.

The assignment right is paid to the tax administration by the contracting partner concerned with the assignment.

As for the second decree, it deals with the rules and conditions for practicing the activities of refining and converting hydrocarbons.

As licensing is an indispensable control tool, it is essential that the development of the downstream sector goes through the definition and establishment of licensing procedures, allowing for better transparency with a proper monitoring process.

With regard to the third decree, it stipulates procedures for monitoring and following up the works of completion and exploitation of the pipeline system.

Here, the fuel control authority is responsible for ensuring that the applied technical regulation is respected.

Finally, a fourth decree relating to the requirements that must be met by the design and manufacture of works for the completion and exploitation of pipelines and storage capacities of fuels and petroleum products.

By issuing these executive decrees, the government will have fulfilled all legal controls and mechanisms to fully activate the hydrocarbons law.

4- For her part, Minister of Culture and Arts submitted two draft executive decrees:

The first project is related to the establishment of the cultural fold of the mountain oasis system “The Aures” and the delineation of its borders.

The barn is a unique and original space characterized by the predominance and importance of cultural heritage that goes deep in prehistoric times to the present day, and which is inseparable from its natural surroundings, which are distinguished by the diversity of plants and animals.

The second project includes the establishment of the Diwan of the cultural fold of the mountain oases system “Al-Auras”, its organization and functioning.

One of the main tasks of this office is the protection, preservation and valorization of the cultural and natural heritage within the territory of the cultural barn, especially with regard to preparing the general plan for preparing the barn.

The procedure falls within the framework of preparing a map of the national parks to protect the cultural and plant heritage as well as the historical heritage. The government is working on preparing the file to include the barns in the UNESCO World Heritage.

5- The Minister of Trade also submitted two draft executive decrees that include:

The first is the reorganization of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The second is the establishment, organization and operation of a network of product conformity analysis laboratories.

The first decree is considered as restructuring the chambers of commerce and industry in order to revitalize them with a more effective integration into the process of national economic development and make them real spaces for consultation between public authorities and economic operators, as well as a strong proposal for the promotion and regulation of economic activities at the local and national levels, on the one hand and on the other hand, as effective means to serve the Algerian institution and economic expansion at the local and national levels, as well as its openness at the external level.

With regard to the reorganization of the Chambers of Commerce, the amendments introduced aim to:

Preserving the principle of representation of the Chamber before the public authorities at the national and local levels.

Expand and enhance the functions of the Chamber of Commerce.

Reconsidering the Chamber’s management structures by establishing a board of directors.

Enshrine the independence of the powers of the elected members.

The possibility of establishing commercial, industrial or service establishments at the Chamber of Commerce.

The Mediation, Reconciliation and Arbitration Commission receive national and international commercial disputes at the request of the dealers.

Regarding the decree that includes the establishment, organization and operation of a network of product conformity analysis laboratories:

The draft of this decree aims to establish a network of experienced laboratories and analyzes of conformity of imported or locally manufactured products, which is a space that seeks to unify skills and encourage teamwork to carry out work of public interest. It includes all laboratories of ministerial sectors of common interest in the field of consumer protection, suppression of fraud and improvement of national production.

This network is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce.

6- Regarding the tourism and handicraft sector, the minister presented two draft executive decrees:

The first aims to identify, authorize and classify expansion areas and tourist sites.

As for the second draft executive decree, it defines a list of sectors of traditional activities and crafts.

The first draft text falls within the framework of the implementation of the Tourist Development Guideline for the Horizon 2030, which defines the strategy for activating tourism in Algeria.

There are six (6) different ecosystems distributed over the Algerian territory, namely: the coast, the steppes, the mountains, the Hamaian headwaters, oases and deserts. With its diversity and wealth, it constitutes important reserves of water and biodiversity and contains stunning scenery that calls for protection within the framework of sustainable development.

As for the second draft executive decree, it touched on the list of sectors of traditional activities and crafts.

7- For her part, the Minister of Environment presented a draft executive decree amending and supplementing Executive Decree No. 06-198 of May 31, 2006, which fixes the regulation applied to institutions designated for the protection of the environment.

This regulation, which controls the classified establishments, aims to prevent, reduce and eliminate the dangers or damages that may be caused by the latter, and this is:

  • To maintain the comfort of the neighbourhood.
  • Environmental protection and security.
  • Public health and hygiene.
  • Environmental systems.
  • Natural Resources.
  • Locations and landmarks.

The new text allows reducing the period for granting the initial authorization decision from three months to 15 days.

8- Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry also submitted a draft executive decree relating to the rules of good practices for the manufacture of pharmaceutical substances for use in human medicine.

Through this guide, the requirements of the registration decision related to the safety, quality and efficacy of medicinal products are systematically taken into account in all arrangements made in terms of production, control and release to marketing, in order to ensure an effective and correct registration system in accordance with current international standards.

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