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Government meeting: Classification of provinces of Chelia and Taghit as national parks

During its meeting, yesterday, Saturday, at the Government Palace, headed by the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, the government heard a presentation made by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on two draft executive decrees that include the classification of the province of Chelia – Ouled Yacoub (provinces of Khenchela and Batna) and the province of Taghit-Ghir (provinces of Bechar and Beni Abbas) as national parks, according to a press release issued by the services of the Prime Minister.

The same source explained that these two draft texts were taken in implementation of Law No. 11-02 of February 17, 2011, relating to protected areas within the framework of sustainable development, allowing the preservation of a national heritage that includes biological diversity and the ecological process of natural sites, while ensuring sustainable social and economic development for the inhabitants of these areas.

Therefore, the communiqué says, Taghit-Gir region already contains a special diversity that arose as a result of harsh climatic conditions and amazing terrain, and is characterized by plant and animal diversity, including a type of deer listed as very rare and in danger of extinction.

It is also characterized by ancient human traditions that were formed in many palaces and oases historically, according to the same source, noting that this area is located in the great western migratory route of birds, and thus represents an essential corridor for the survival of migratory birds.

As for the region of Chelia – Ouled Yacoub, the communiqué added that, it is characterized by rare species in the region, as well as animal biodiversity, and landscapes that reflect the diversity of the environmental of the region.

The region also has many types of animals mentioned on the list of protected species by law.

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