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Government meeting: Energy transition presentation

The government listened, today Wednesday, to a presentation by the Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies on the topic of “Energy Transition Towards Sustainable Human Development.”

According to the Prime Minister’s services press release, the endeavor adopted by the sector for energy transformation is based on three main axes: sobriety, energy efficiency, renewable energies development program, and the new energy model.

With regard to energy control, the sector development plan aims to achieve an energy saving of 10 percent by 2030, according to the same source.

This goal will be achieved through, in particular, the introduction of efficient lighting with low consumption of electricity, the conversion of vehicles to use liquefied petroleum gas, and the introduction of technical provisions for energy performance in the design of buildings within the specifications assigned to contractors.

As for the renewable energy development program, which aims in the long term to install 15,000 megawatts by the year 2035, a tender will soon be launched to complete a set of power plants with a total capacity of 1,000 megawatts, according to the press release.

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