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Government meeting: Examination of three draft executive decrees

Three draft executive decrees relating to sectors of interior, youth and sports and pharmaceutical industry were discussed by members of Government at a meeting chaired today, Wednesday, by Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, via videoconference, says a statement issued by Prime Minister’s office.

Prime Minister, Mr. Abdelaziz Djerad, presided over a meeting of the Government, and in accordance with the agenda, members of Government examined three draft executive decrees presented by Ministers in charge of interior sector, youth and sports as well as pharmaceutical industry.

  • Government members listened to a presentation by Minister of Interior, Local Communities and Territory Planning on the draft executive decree establishing the protection of Djamaâ El-Djazaïr perimeter and setting its limits and security rules applicable to it.


  • Government members also listened to a presentation delivered by Minister of Youth and Sports on the draft Executive Decree amending and supplementing Executive Decree No. 15-340 of 28/12/2015 in relation to forbidding accumulation of executive and elective responsibility to administrative responsibility within the structures of sports organization and animation.


  • The Government members, finally, listened to a presentation delivered by Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry on pharmaceutical establishments and the conditions for their approval.

This draft text deals with new types of establishments, by introducing import, operating and export establishments and those of manufacturing and distribution.

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