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Government meeting: examining draft laws and submitting proposals related to several sectors

Prime Minister, Aïmene Benabderrahmane chaired today, Wednesday, a government meeting, during which draft laws were examined and proposals related to several sectors were submitted, according to a statement by the Prime Minister’s services, the full text of which is:

Prime Minister, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, chaired today, Wednesday, March 16, 2022, a government meeting, held at the Government Palace.

During its weekly meeting, the government examined the following points:

 In the field of trade and export promotion:

A preliminary draft of a law amending and supplementing Law No. 04-08 of August 14, 2004, relating to the conditions for conducting commercial activities, was presented.

This draft law falls mainly within the framework of the economic reforms that the public authorities are currently committed to and aims in particular to facilitate commercial action through the implementation of the system of establishing an enterprise via Internet and through the electronic portal established for this purpose and on the basis of a unified form.

Following the presentation, with regard to the purification of the national card of the trade register, the Prime Minister expressed the need to launch a sensitization campaign towards traders who were late in making the transition to the electronic form of the trade register, in line with the legal deadline set on June 30, 2022.

Finally, and in accordance with the established procedures, this draft law will be examined during an upcoming meeting of the Council of Ministers.

In the field of tourism and handicrafts:

The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts submitted a draft executive decree that includes defining, declaring, and classifying expansion areas and tourist sites.

It is worth noting that this draft law, which was adopted in implementation of Article 11 of Law No. 03-03 of February 17, 2003, relating to expansion areas and tourist sites, aims to identify and classify 25 expansion areas and new tourist sites across 14 provinces of the country.

This draft law also falls within the framework of the national strategy to activate tourism in Algeria, which is implemented through the master plan for the preparation of tourism by 2030 and aims to preserve the natural ecosystems and cultural wealth of our country and which represent a significant factor of tourist attraction.

In the field of health:

A draft executive decree within the framework of Article 342 of Law No. 18-11 of July 2, 2018, relating to health, and which aims to define the composition, functions, organization and functioning of the National Council for the Ethics of Health Sciences, was submitted.

It is worth noting that this body aims to enhance the safety and security of patients and health professionals, by establishing a permanent framework for consultation and exchange between all institutional and societal sectors concerned with issues related to health sciences in order to provide appropriate answers.

As for the field of industry:

The Minister of Industry gave a presentation on the project of realizing a milk factory in the province of Algiers. This project provides for the construction of a milk production group with a production capacity of one million liters per day.

It is worth noting that this important project falls within the framework of implementing the instructions issued by the President of the Republic to the government aimed at meeting the demand for this basic product in order to remedy the deficit recorded in the central region of the country.

Finally, in the field of water resources and water security:

The Minister of the Sector gave a presentation on the status of securing the supply of drinking water, entitled the year 2022, in light of a circumstance marked by the water scarcity that our country is witnessing.

This presentation focused on the following axes:

  1. The existing capacities of water resources that can be mobilized to ensure the regular and continuous supply of drinking water to the population over the course of the current year.
  2. The progress of the implementation of the 2021 emergency water program, which was decided for the benefit of the provinces affected by the decline in dam reserves.
  3. The urgent measures and mitigating solutions that the water resources and water security sector intends to adopt in the event the current climate conditions persist during the coming months.”
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