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Government meeting: investment, culture, preparations for the holy month of Ramadan, and irrigation on the agenda

  The Prime Minister, Mr. AïmeneBenabderrahmane, chaired yesterday, Wednesday, a government meeting devoted to studying several points related to investment fields.

During its weekly meeting, the government examined the following points:

In the field of investment:

The government has studied a preliminary draft law that defines the conditions and modalities for granting economic real estate belonging to the private property of the state and directed to the realization of investment projects.

In the field of culture:

The government has studied a preliminary draft law related to the cinematographic industry, which falls within the framework of the President of the Republic’s directives related to reviewing the legislative and regulatory apparatus that frames the cinema sector, with the aim of promoting the cinematographic industry and creating a real economic dynamism in this field.

Finally, in the field of irrigation:

The Minister of Public Works, Irrigation and Basic Facilities made a presentation on the implementation of the emergency program to ensure the provision of drinking water to the population.

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