Government meeting: several sectors on the agenda

The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, chaired on Wednesday, by videoconference, a government meeting where draft laws were studied and presentations were made on several sectors, according to a statement of the services of the Prime Minister, here is the full text:

“The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Mr. Aïmene Benabderrahmane, chaired a government meeting held by videoconference on Wednesday, 2 February 2022.

During its weekly meeting, the government had to examine the following items:

In the field of media:

A preliminary draft of the Organic Law on Media was presented.

The government studied a preliminary draft of the media law that expresses the will of the public authorities to implement on the reform of the text a “renewed character” and meets the aspirations of citizens in the field of “complete and objective information”.

This draft text expresses the will of the public authorities to implement on the reform of the text a “renewed character”  in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of 1 November 2020 as well as the changes brought about by technological development and international standards in this field.

Moreover, the preparation of this preliminary draft organic law is driven by the need to establish a legislative framework that meets the expectations of the citizen for complete and objective information, as well as the organisational needs of media professionals and the public service missions and general interest.

In this context, the draft law will help to consolidate the freedom of the written, audiovisual and electronic media and promote the creation of a media that is firmly rooted in national reality, aware of the issues at stake and respectful of ethics and deontology.

Finally, and in accordance with established procedures, this draft text will be examined during a forthcoming Council of Ministers.

In the field of health:

A draft executive decree was examined, which sets out the list of communicable diseases subject to mandatory reporting, as part of the implementation of a national policy for the control and prevention of communicable diseases.

This draft text which enters in application of the provisions of article 38 of the Law n18-11 of 18 of July 02, 2018 relating to health, provides for the modalities of the revision of the list of communicable diseases with compulsory declaration and its update, depending on the appearance of new diseases of the same nature.

In the field of Youth and Sports:

A communication was presented on the management of the offices of youth establishments and the redeployment of spaces dedicated to youth.

This is a new approach driven by the youth and sports sector in terms of management with the objective of revitalising youth establishments and improving their services, in particular through greater involvement of young people and civil society in the development and implementation of educational programmes dedicated to this important section of society.

In the field of Digitisation and Statistics:

A communication was presented on the implementation of the interactive network of statistical information which presents the actions implemented by the sector of digitisation and statistics related particularly to the reinforcement of institutional capacities and the improvement of coordination between the actors of the national statistical information system as well as the development of the interconnection of the national statistical network by digital platforms.

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