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Government meeting: the justice and interior sectors top on the agenda

The justice and interior sectors were top on the agenda of the government meeting held yesterday, Thursday in Algiers, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmane Benabderrahmane, according to a statement of the  Prime Minister’s services:

During its weekly meeting, the government examined the following points:

In the field of justice:

A preliminary draft law amending and supplementing Law No. 08-09 of February 25, 2008, which includes the Civil and Administrative Procedures Law was presented.

This draft law comes within the framework of conforming the law with the provisions of the Constitution of November 1, 2020, through the handling of the procedures applied before the administrative courts of appeal, which represent the second level of litigation in administrative matters, after generalizing the principle of litigation to two levels.

It also aims to adapt this law to developments in the economy, especially the development of national and international trade and the disputes that may arise from it, by defining the procedures applied before these new specialized courts in the commercial field, which were created based on the instructions issued by the President of the Republic, during a Cabinet meeting held on October 31, 2021.

Finally, the preliminary draft law provides for the simplification of some procedures and also enshrines modern digital means at all stages of legal procedures (filing a lawsuit by electronic means, exchanging petitions, communicating decisions…).

In line with the established procedures, this draft law will be examined during an upcoming meeting of the Council of Ministers.

In the field of the interior, local communities and urban planning:

A draft executive decree specifying the modalities for implementing the powers of the Wali or governor in terms of activating, coordinating and controlling the non-centralized services of the state entrusted with the various sectors of activity in the province, was examined.

For this purpose, the draft of this executive decree provides the necessary information to strengthen the authority of the governor by providing mechanisms that enable concerted efforts at the local level, improve the effectiveness of the work of the executive body and ensure that the needs of the population are taken care of thanks to improving the effectiveness of the implementation of development programs and projects at the local level.

It should be noted that the monitoring bodies remain outside the direct authority of the governor.

In the field of maritime fishing and fishing products:

A draft executive decree that defines the conditions and modalities for setting positioning features on ships prepared and equipped for fishing was presented, in order to modernize sea fishing practices and secure fishermen in the event of the occurrence of unfortunate events at sea.

In this regard, the draft law comes in implementation of the amended and supplemented Law No. 01-11 related to Maritime Fishing and Aquaculture, which obliges ships intended for sea fishing to be equipped with a site identification marker.

This is related to the installation of a marine fishing fleet monitoring system: the Vessel Monitoring System {VMS}, which aims to protect and preserve fishing resources.

It should be noted that this system will be mandatory for some classes of maritime fishing vessels.

Finally, in the field of religious affairs and endowments:

A presentation was made about the endowment real estate and the prospects for its development and promotion in the context of its contribution to social cohesion and economic activities in our country.

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