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Government-Wali Meeting Thursday at Palace of Nations

A Government-Wali (province governors) Meeting will be held Thursday at the Palace of Nations in Algiers, under the high patronage of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, its fifth meeting with the walis (Governors) of the Republic to assess the implementation of guidelines and recommendations from previous meetings and examine the prospects for the development of the national economy in order to improve the standard of living of citizens.

This important periodic meeting, which brings together members of the government, the walis of the Republic, central and local officials, elected representatives and economic partners, is intended to be a meeting of evaluation and prospection in the context of the process of consecrating the rule of law and establishing good governance practices, social equity and regional balance.

The last Government-Walis meeting, held in September last year under the theme “Promotion of the national economy and local development”, made it possible to review the main socio-economic achievements in various provinces of the country, in the light of positive indicators of the national economy, This was made possible by measures taken on more than one level, notably through the removal of administrative obstacles to investment, the provision of land, support for young entrepreneurs, the control of inflation, the improvement of the purchasing power of citizens, support for the agricultural sector and the reduction of imports.

During the 4th edition of the Government-Walis meeting, which focused on three main issues, namely the role of the wali in local economic development, the new legal framework for the promotion of the investment climate and the reform of local finance and taxation, President Tebboune stated that all the development problems affecting the shadow areas in the country’s provinces had been definitively resolved, and hoped that the remaining problems would be resolved by the beginning of 2023.

On this occasion, the progress of the implementation of the roadmap was evaluated, whose outlines were defined during the 3rd edition of the meeting held in September 2021 and concluded with 182 recommendations relating to the reactivation of investment and the adaptation of local development programmes, with a reform of the management methods of local public structures.

This meeting, under the theme “Economic recovery, regional balance, social justice”, was marked by important decisions to support development, with encouraging data and figures for an economic recovery based on solid foundations.

President Tebboune had revealed figures and data indicating “the beginning of Algeria’s exit from the crisis” after having suffered for years from a “rentier economy oriented towards imports”, through a new revival of the national economy.

During this meeting, the President of the Republic announced the consolidation of the legal arsenal against corruption, while committing himself to protect honest officials, adding that this approach will be reinforced by a special legal mechanism that encourages initiatives and facilitates investment.

In addition, the work of the second government-walis meeting, held in August 2020, was devoted to the evaluation of measures related to local development in shadow areas, in addition to digitisation, statistics, the fight against bureaucracy, and the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the evaluation of measures related to local economic development.

Organised a few months after the first government meeting with the walis, chaired by President Tebboune in February 2020, i.e. less than two months after his investiture at the head of the country, with the slogan “For a new Algeria”, this meeting made it possible to discuss the foundations of the new mode of governance according to a sustainable and integrated development approach for the improvement of the citizen’s living standards.

During this first meeting, President Tebboune called for “a definitive break with old practices, to get closer to the citizen and to strengthen his confidence in the institutions of the state”. He also called on elected representatives and local officials to “stop making unkept promises and to fight disregard and negligence towards the citizen”.

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